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Saturday May, 5, 2018


Although the Club was meant to open on Friday, May 4, a number of unfortunate circumstances  have conspired to delay our opening.


The very poor weather was a large factor in the delay, as our courts are much too soft to play on, and we are not alone in this situation. Many of the clubs in the surrounding area are having difficulty opening courts as well, so please don't feel that we are alone in coping with this delay.


The other difficulty we are having, which none of the other clubs is dealing with, is the aftermath of the microburst from last fall. We did not have time to fix all the issues that arose, and are now repairing the balance of the damage.


If the good weather continues, we will be able to open the Club quite soon and we will keep you updated.



Tuesday May, 15, 2018


The Early Bird date has been extended until May 21. If you haven't signed up, do so now!


The BBQ will be available this holiday weekend. Come enjoy our hotdogs, hamburgers, chickenburgers and veggieburgers!



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